August 1-September 16, 2017



E-mail all entries to

  • The short story entries must be based on the original characters created for this book series.
  • All short story entries must be original. No plagiarizing is permitted.
  • All stories must relate to real life challenges that young people face and lead to conflict resolution for youth.
  • Story lines must be clean, and wholesome.  No profanity is permitted, or sexually explicit language will be excepted. Any entry that contains this kind of content will be automatically disqualified.
  • Stories should address realistic situations that promote Christian values and conflict resolution.
  • Each short story should contain 1,000 -1,500 words.
  • Do not send drawings, graphics, or designs with your story. Only emailed manuscripts will be accepted. 
  • Include: Full name, age, parent’s name (If under 18 years old), address, and telephone number.
  • All short stories selected for publishing will become copyrighted material with all rights reserved to Spirit Reign Publishing.
  • All short story entries must be Emailed to
  • All short story entries must be submitted no later than August 31, 2017. ABSOLUTELY NO late entries will be accepted.



  • A total of 6 winners, ages 13-18 will be awarded.
  • Winners will become Spirit Reign published authors in the Young Life Anthologies Book Series.
  • Winners will be awarded $200.00 each.
  • Winners will receive 5% royalty scholarship payments towards their education after the book begin to turn profits. These royalty payments will exist for four years and will be paid in the form of scholarships towards private school high school, or college education. Those in public school systems will receive their royalty upon entering college. Payout dates will be determined at after the book becomes profitable.
  • Winners will become inducted members in "The Prodigy Plan (Scholastic Think Tank for Arts, Letters, Science, and Technology)." See the following page on our website for more information,
  • Winners will receive five copies of the Young Life Anthologies book, which contain their winning entry.
  • Winners will be featured on the Spirit Reign Website, Winner's Circle page.
  • Winners will have a short personal bio and photo featured in Visionaries, Book of Leaders.



About The Series

Young Life Anthologies is a series of short stories about four siblings whose last name is Young. As they take their adolescent journeys through life, each adventurous experience is wrought with the everyday challenges that all young people face every day. Each of their names has positive meanings that speak to their individual personalities and roles in the family structure. This original series for young readers takes an honest look at the world through the eyes of today's youth. The messages conveyed in the stories are morally sound, and biblically friendly, and lead to conflict resolution. 


Young Becca 2





Becca Young: Her name means, "To Tie or to Bind." She is the oldest of the Young siblings. She is described as Smart, Sassy, and Funny. Becca takes on a motherly role over her younger siblings.
Young Beno copy



Beno Young: His name means, "One of a Band." He is the oldest brother. Beno is a protector; He is strong, philosophical, articulate, and very observant. He has a strong sense of self-awareness and is culturally versed.
Young Benjamin



Benjamin Young: His name means, "Son of My Right Hand." The youngest of his siblings, Benjamin is curious, sneaky, and witty. He loves playing pranks on his siblings and playing his baby brother card when he's in trouble.
Young Benita copy



Benita Young: Her name means, "Blessed." She is the younger sister. Benita is very poised, analytical, and proper. She loves nature, healthy habits, and reading. Her desire is to one day be a doctor.


Young Life Writing Competition
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  3. Your Short Story must be no less than 1,000 words; no more than 1,500 words.
  4. Your Short Story can only be based on the Young Life Anthology Series, and its characters.
  5. Absolutely NO plagerism, or copying from ANY previously published material.

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