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Book Publishing is one of the world's viable industries that is feeling the effects of the paradigm shift brought on by the advances made in technology and the internet. As time has proven, change opens doors of opportunity for some and closes them for others. Authors in today's communication era are finding themselves at the vulnerable intersection of change where every decision can either make or break their publishing endeavors. Here is where information is essential. To survive on any new frontier, you must first study and learn the terrain.

On the Insider Tips page, you are currently visiting; we provide valuable information that will make you more informed while you find out how to maneuver through the changing frontier of book publishing. By the fact that you are reading this statement, your desire to be ahead of things is evident. Now here's our first piece of advice. Research the publishing industry, and learn as much as you can about the business of books. Whether you are a writer, illustrator, or designer, having knowledge of how the industry works will help you avoid the mistakes that dash the dreams of some publishing hopefuls.



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Understand that publishing is a business, which should be taken seriously: A good publishing company will already have a provisional, "things to do list" prepared for prospective authors. Become familiar with each point on the list, and be sure that your submission fulfills all its requirements. When submitting your manuscript, be sure to attach a cover letter. Remember, this is the business of publishing, so your cover letter should be, articulate, strong, and clearly stated. It is a tool for selling, so make the publisher a believer in you and your idea. 

sr light bulb Start with a good idea: When the light bulb goes on in your head, begin to record your thoughts. Do not worry about editing in the beginning. At this stage, it's all about the brainstorm inside your mind. Processing your thoughts as you flush out the preliminary ideas for your book will help you gain a good early sense of direction for where you want to go.
sr reader Begin constructing your material into a structured format: During this process, the framework for your book manuscript will start to take shape. Remember, your work is still in its early stages, so remain open to change without getting stuck in a tug-a-war of competing ideas. Do not become preoccupied with layout and design, esthetics will come later; content is all that matters at this point. If you have a good sense of where you are going, it's a good time to write the Preface to the book. A well-written Preface helps writers focus on their vision clearer with a keener sense of direction. 
sr focus group Organize a focus group to give you honest feedback on your project: Focus Groups are often helpful in helping authors see their writings through lenses other than their own. The perceptions and opinions of others can be a valuable asset in the process of editing your work. An honest group of competent, inelegant minds will give you an idea of what readers will experience when they read your book. If you are not familiar with how focus groups work, online research can help you find the answers. 
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Edit every written document you send: Whether, a cover letter, query letter, or manuscript, be sure to edit. Never become so comfortable with your skill level where editing is an option, and not necessary Typos say a lot about a writer's preparedness to be taken seriously in this very competitive industry. A publisher may discard your work in an instant when coming across the first typo. In a short amount of time your publishing hopes can disappear because you did not take the time to edit your work thoroughly.

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Patiently learn your craft as you consistently craft your skills: Overnight success stories do not exist. Anyone who gains any level of success has done some preliminary work to ready themselves for their moment of actualization. While you strive for success in publishing be patient and consistent in perfecting your skills.

sr letter Do not underestimate the importance of a query letter: A query letter will also be expected with your submission. If you do not know how to write a query letter, the internet is an easy way to learn. One such resource web-site is If that doesn't help, just search a little farther until you find one that works for you.
sr book When your book is complete, contact a Spirit Reign publishing professional: We will treat you and your project with a level of customer courtesy and professional guidance that will make your experience one you will always appreciate.


The Transformational Arc In The Creative Process of Story Telling

  1. Successfully writing a good book: Here is where writing in any genre addresses understanding the creative process. The formula for pulling your audience in, holding their attention, and winning them over can be found in The Transformational Arc. In the art of story telling, the writer must tap into the imagination of their audience, whether, between the pages of a book, or on a screen, those who are consuming your product should be whisked away to the place where your mind has taken them, and kept there under their own free will. In the journey of the text the writer must persuade the reader that there is no other place they would rather be until the answers for the questions your writing has stirred in their mind is satisfied.

  2. The Magnetic Drawing Power of Ambiguity: The inquisitive human nature is often driven by an insatiable appetite for entering into the unknown with the desire to be the first to see what lurks in the shadows of ambiguity. Writings that feed their audiences a little at a time, while making the journey of disclosure stimulating, provocative and suspenseful often succeed in achieving their goal. 

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The Truth About Promoting, Marketing, and Selling Your Book

New authors often enter the world of book publishing with little knowledge of how things work. The idea of writing a best seller is very attractive to anyone who get the writing bug. If you're a halfway decent writer, putting the vision that exists in your mind into a complete manuscript is incredibly satisfying. However, if an author is not trying to gain the advantage of educating themselves in the science of promoting, marketing, and selling their book, it can lead to great disappointment. That is why learning how to get your book in the public eye is as essential as writing a perfect book. Having strength on the creative end and weakness on the business end is what stagnates the potential careers of many writers. Below are publishing industry links that will further educate you on the business of selling books.



More Publishing Industry Links With Information To Help Promote and Market Your Book



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