In partnership with The Prodigy Plan, Spirit Reign supports academic inniatives that give opportunities to children and youth who aspire to excel in their education, gifts, talents, and abilities.





The Prodigy Plan is a scholastic think tank dedicated to the development of educational opportunities while nurturing a love for learning in the studies of Arts, Letters, and Sciences. The plan creates stimulating humanities curriculums designed to make the educational process amenable to each child’s individual style of learning. Through synergetic networking, the plan builds academic fund raising partnerships with education, civic, state, cooperate, church, and humanitarian institutions.



To create forums that display the talents and achievements of children enrolled in The Prodigy Plan at private and public schools. Implement fund raising strategies for the financial stability of daily operations, scholarships, as well as purchasing, and developing classroom resource materials. Prepare students for advancement into institutes of higher learning. Help parents discover the prodigy in their child while giving all participating children the tools for success.


According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word inherent is defined by the following; “in the nature of something though not readily apparent.” The Prodigy Plan believes that most children are born with inherent capabilities essential to their capacity to discover through learning the gifts and talents that make them special. Their unique qualities are not always readily apparent, but when given the chance to blossom will appear over time.



Arts, Letters, Sciences, & Technology Appreciated Through History and Culture

Since the Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia developed cuneiform the first written language, or the Egyptians recorded their history through magnificent sculptures and hieroglyphics, images, arts, and letters have been the tools of communication that shaped the foundation of human civilization. As important as the penning of the United States Constitution so is written letters that dictate cultural norms, foster literacy, and establish societal laws in every facet of life.

Through continual advancements in science, medicine, and technology, human knowledge is increasing as the world becomes more intelligent with inventions that change the way we approach life in our quest to survive as a race of people. Understanding the significance of history's role in these vital areas, The Prodigy Plan is committed to preserving an appreciation for the contributions that have become safeguards in the survival of humanity.


Form Partnerships with Advocates of Literary and Arts Education

Inform policy makers, educational institutions, funding organizations, and elected officials of how Arts, Letters, Sciences, and Technology strengthen the economy, enhance cultural awareness, and provide education opportunities for young people with dreams of succeeding in the various professions applicable to these fields of study. Develop successful collaborations for the advancement of visual and literary arts, artists, and writers.


Academic Development in the Sciences

Develop and support academic training programs that enhance the quality of education for students and educators in mathematics, medicine, and technology.




K-12_WHEEL-01 K-12 Subsidies is an emergency relief fund developed to assist families, and academic institutions at the K-12 level when fiscal challenges arise. Within the structure of this program, K-12 Subsidies offers fund-raising strategies, seeks donor contributions, and develops academic brands to subsidize the work of educating children and youth. It also offers opportunities for selected teachers to join the innovative Teacher's Think Tank known as "Triple T" to collaborate on brand and curriculum development, for marketing to private and public schools. classroom-01

In communities throughout our country, there are resources that may be acquired when joining forces with organizations and people who share our belief that “Legacies Begin With Learning.” With this in mind, The Prodigy Plan builds Synergetic Support Teams that draw from the cumulative knowledge of community leaders, and professionals who agree with using the power of synergy. When strong thinkers come together to brainstorm ideas and solutions that work on behalf of bettering the futures of our youth, our schools improve, and as a result, so do our communities. “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed ” (Proverbs 15:22 NIV). 

SCHOOL FUND RAISING-001 In collaboration with Spirit Reign Communications & Publishing, innovative fund-raisers are developed out of the growing inventory of products. Catalogs, order forms, promotional and marketing materials are supplied to carry out school fund-raising campaigns.   apple-books-01

Selected teachers with innovative vision are invited to join the exclusive Teacher’s Think Tank referred to as Triple T. This hand chosen group of academicians act as advisers to The Prodigy Plan in the development of academic products that have the potential for success on the open market in wholesale and retail outlets. The Prodigy Plan invests portions of all proceeds from the sales of these products into schools that have partnered with The Prodigy Plan.



The Prodigy Plan Membership is held annually to recruit new members into the organization. Membership dues are reinvested back into the organization to provide programming for members of the Atlanta Business League and outreach to the greater community.

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