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Daryl (Prince Domonick) Anderson II.

Daryl Shon Domonick Anderson. Known to his friends and colleagues as "Prince Domonick," is a talented screenwriter, and director. He is the founder of Prince Domonick Studios (PDS); a subsidiary of Spirit Reign Communications; producers of quality Films, Commercials, and Music Videos. In 2010, the young phenom won first place in the National Son Screen Film Festival (Music Video Category) for his entry “One Nation At A Time.” This moving visual and musical masterpiece was a tribute to those who suffered and died in the massive Haiti Earthquake of that same year. In 2012, he traveled to Moscow Russia to shoot a documentary for the world renowned “Aeolians Choir.” One of his most provocative productions to-date is the YouTube sensation “Suspicious Intent;” a short film based on the murder of Travon Marton. As he continues to soar, the sky is the limit for this virtuoso behind the lens, and “House Slave the Musical” promises to take Prince Domonick’s growing body of work to greater heights.




Robbie Pressley

Robert L. Pressley Jr, “Robbie” is accomplished in more than one thing. He is a talented arranger, writer, and vocalist. Now with his role as Nelson in House Slave, it's safe to add actor to his Resume. While at Oakwood University, Robbie became a featured soloist with renowned Oakwood University Aeolians. In 2008, Robbie joined the singing group Committed, who went on to win the 2010 season of NBC Television series The Sing Off. As his velvet voice resonates in the piercing scenes of the movie, Robbie establishes himself as a force of talent. The heart of the viewer is bound to feel the plight of the slave named Nelson.


Amber Bullock 

The winner of BET’s 2011 season of Sunday Best, Amber Bullock, a native of St. Louis Missouri wowed the likes of Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, and Mary Mary as she sung her way to first place. Now with Sunday Best behind her, Amber has taken her golden voice to the silver screen. With no exaggeration, Amber is a natural. Her acting and singing ability flowed effortlessly as she nailed the role of Rosa in House Slave. In one word, Amber's performance can be described as passionate. Her presence on the screen is the stuff that makes movies great.


Kathryn Eastwood

While on the set of House Slave, Kathryn Eastwood showed that she has the goods that made her famous father, actor/director/producer Clint Eastwood, a Hollywood legend. Kathryn's poise, professionalism, and humility made her a pleasure to work with on the set. The evidence of the IT FACTOR becomes apparent for anyone who sees her demonstrate her skills on the screen. In 2005, Kathryn was named Miss Golden Globe at the 62nd Golden Globe Awards and had a short role in the movie Jersey Boys, directed by her father Clint. Kathryn is a recent graduate of New York Flim Academy in Burbank California. Keep your eyes and ears open, you'll be seeing and hearing more from Kathryn Eastwood.




Bob Nguyen

Austrailian born; Bob Nguyen is a master behind the lens. While working on the set of House Slave, his attention to detail and dogged perfectionism was essential to getting the shots that brought to life the vision of director, Daryl "Prince Domonick" Anderson. Bob graduated in Melbourne, Australia with a Bachelor Degree of Film and Television. He was trained to shoot film, which is still his preferred format. He received his Master of Fine Art in Cinematography in Los Angeles California, USA. Bob's independent projects include a cross section of narratives, music videos, serries and commercials. Added to his growing body of work, House Slave proves to be a positive look in the portfolio of this outstanding young filmmaker.   




Spirit Reign Communications

Spirit Reign Communications (SRC) is a cutting edge multi-media company that pushes the innovative envelope to develop quality visual communications in digital, film, and hard copy formats. The family owned organization, founded by Daryl S. Anderson Sr. is comprised of a team whose business and creative prowess distinguishes the multi-media industry. Whatever the genre, SRC effectively communicates its messages with contemporary slants tailored for the twenty-first century. Among the inspired initiatives that drive this emerging company is the original vision of its founder to revamp the moral code in visual entertainment, spirituality, and education. Along with his stellar crew of visionary thinkers, Daryl S. Anderson Sr. is perfecting the formulas to make that happen.. While laying the foundation for SRC, Anderson had no idea that the well-oiled machine, which drives his company today was being grown under his own roof. Today, each member of the Anderson family that makes up the administrative team brings a high level of talent and knowledge to the area of responsibility entrusted to them. It is well-advised for every interested person, to keep a close watch on this family of creative entrepreneurs; the best is yet to come.


Daryl S. Anderson Sr.



Jeremy J. Anderson



Tawanna Anderson



Traci Anderson



David Anderson



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