CHERYL BROWN-HARRIS is a music educator who has taught privately as well as in the public school system. Her deep love for creative writing has produced dramatic skits and plays, poetry, sermons, newsletters and magazine articles. She grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and presently resides in Missouri City, Texas with her husband and son. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in School Music in Elementary & High School Education, from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and her Masters in Music Education from Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. Currently, on the job she participates in a weekly staff prayer band which grew out of Educational Ambassadors on the Frontline, that she initiated several years ago. Believing in the power of prayer, this group meets in the early morning to petition God to cover the campus and the young minds entrusted to them for guidance. She is also a spiritual mentor to many young people who are naturally drawn to her. As a musician, it is evident that the creativity employed to interpret the message behind the printed notes, spills over into her love for bringing energy and passion to words in print. Her motivation for writing her first devotional, undoubtedly stems from her father who always motivated his children to exceed the standards set for them, and aim for greatness. Along the way, she has had the support and encouragement of her husband and son (also published authors) as well as close friends and mentors. “Emeralds of Grace” is not just a devotional, but also a collection of vignettes of everyday experiences  from which the reader may draw valuable inspiration and lessons. As a keynote speaker, she has spoken for music seminars, as well as church services, graduations, Women’s Day programs and conferences.




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